Candidate’s log Tuesday 21 April

“If you keep doing what you’ve done, you’ll keep getting what you’ve got”

These words are not mine but they’ve stuck in my mind since I first heard them from a friend a decade or so ago.

Our councillors have gone about formulating our local plan – their vision of Broxtowe over the next decade or two and beyond – on the premise of ‘business as usual’. That just won’t do!

The world changed in 2009 and Broxtowe is changing this year once our new tram service comes on ‘stream’.

Yet our Bramcote’s councillors backed the removal of Field Farm from the green belt to allow housing to be built in an attempt to meet targets they adopted themselves (having been freed from Central Government targets weeks after our coalition government came to power in 2010.

The developer’s own evidence shows they cannot mitigate the impact the extra road traffic will have on the double mini-roundabout at the site of the former Jaguar pub (now home to a convenient coop and fish’n’chip shop).

So our councillors have chosen a course of action that will weaken the green belt, destroy rehabilitated soil and add to an already over capacity road junction. Clearly unsustainable development.

If you agree with the above then please consider how your vote on 7 May can help put an end to ‘business as usual’.

Thanks for your attention!

Paul Nathanail
Independent Candidate, Bramcote Ward

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