Broxtowe Borough Council elections 2019

This morning at 0830 I had an appointment with the council’s electoral admin staff to submit my forms to stand as a candidate for the local elections on 2 May 2019. At just after 8AM I rang to cancel that appointment.

Having stood in both 2015 and the County elections in 2017 I enjoyed the opportunity to air some key topics close to my heart and as it turns out those of many who live in Bramcote.

In 2015 it was the need to stop the rot of green belt being given up for housing following the loss of the Field Farm site in adjacent Stapleford.

In 2017 it was to point out the flaws in the County Council’s plans for development on the Coventry Lane playing fields.

The County changed trajectory about how replacement school buildings will be funded and the borough has drastically reduced the area they’d like to take out of the green belt.

Pyrrhic victories perhaps?

Given the enormous pressure from central government to build houses AND the importance of maintaining a five year supply of Land Bramcote could have been in a much worse situation were it not for… the enormous number of residents who faithfully turned out to meetings and responded to consultations.

The work of the Bramcote Neighbourhood Forum has been a key part of bringing these voices together and making them count and I propose to continue to support the Forum as it continues to do this over the coming months and beyond.

As I write this, the outcome of the 2016 Referendum result is still to be determined. However it is clear that numbers matter. They may not carry the day but they will be heard, considered and … ignored by elected representatives at their peril.

So as the deadline for nominations has just passed, may I wish all the candidates for Bramcote every best wish and a sound, active listening attitude over the coming weeks.

More on the elections later.

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