Candidate’s log Monday 20 April

Broxtowe Borough Council is an endangered institution. Whether you think it ought to be subsumed into an expanded Greater Nottingham or not it is important to remember that it has not always existed. It formed in 1974 by merging two Urban Districts and part of a Rural District.

People who have read my campaign leaflet will realise that I think our councillors were wrong to take Field Farm out of the green belt. Yet that area of grade II and III agricultural land was, for a short period of time, an opencast coal site (OCCS). Hardly land to fight over. Yet much effort, energy and expense meant the scarred land an OCCS leaves behind was rehabilitated.

Soil is an essential resource. Soil is a threatened resource. Soil feeds us, filters our water and supports biodiversity. Soil does so much more too.

Our councillors chose to sacrifice a scarce resource for the easy option for meeting their own housing targets. Despite the extra traffic development would cause. Despite considerable local opposition.

Our councillors got it wrong on that small piece of soil. Over the next few months the final parts of our local plan will be put in place. I believe our local councillors have let us down, badly. That is why I’m standing as an independent candidate in Bramcote. If you agree then please consider voting for PAUL NATHANAIL on 7 May.

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