Candidate’s log Sunday 19 April

Five hours of leafletting yesterday afternoon and early evening meant I woke up with sore leg muscles this morning.

Bramcote was at its sunniest best and people were busy in their gardens, kids playing and the wise ones sitting in the sunshine soaking up the vitamin D.

Next week the schools reopen and the traffic levels will build up again as the Easter break comes to an end.

I wonder if we will come to rue past policies that led to large swathes of housing estates that result in having to ‘jump in the car’ to do anything /whether that is work, shop or play).

In the meantime it may be worth pondering on how the green belt has served Bramcote and what we need to do to ensure it continues to serve us and our children in years to come. This article gave me food for thought:

On 7th May we have the chance to
Think local – vote local

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