I think, therefore… I vote

“I think, therefore I am.”

I THINK giving Coventry Lane playing fields to the White Hills Park trust, a private company limited by guarantee, is wrong, THEREFORE I AM a candidate for the County Council elections on 4 May.

I hope you, dear readers, will think the same and say to yourselves “I am going to vote for PAUL NATHANAIL” on 4 May.

An article in last Wednesday’s Times caught my eye. It’s about a ‘damning’ report on over spending on free schools while ‘other schools were crumbling’.

More places are needed, ‎420,000 by 2021 it seems. The report apparently shows that half of new places in free schools will not be needed. And anyway places in free schools cost 50% more than those in local authority ‘maintained’ schools.

The leader of the Association of School and College Leaders laid down a £6.7 billion gauntlet before the new government. That is how ‎much is needed to ‘return all existing school buildings to satisfactory or better condition’ and maintain them.

I do not agree with Labour party policies that have essentially nationalised parenting over the past twenty years. Conversely it seems the Conservative policy of privatising state education is both wasteful and‎ inefficient.

Bramcote & Beeston North as well‎ as all divisions in Nottinghamshire should return county councillors who will work to keep state education fit for purpose starting by keeping public land and buildings in public hands.

Oh, that report? It was the Public Accounts Committee on the Department for Education

If you think you’d like to help stop the planned giveaway‎ of the Coventry Lane playing fields, please vote PAUL NATHANAIL on 4 May.

Paul Nathanail is the independent ‎candidate for Bramcote and Beeston North in the Nottinghamshire County Council elections.

Please consider voting for PAUL NATHANAIL on 4 May 2017 to help retain land and school buildings in public ownership.

This message is promoted by Peter Nathanail on behalf of Paul Nathanail, both of 8 6 Moor Lane, Bramcote

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