School rebrokering and all that – What happens if it goes pear shaped?

“Marriage is for life” – well that is certainly my opinion although 27 years in I cannot be sure as I have yet to complete my first marriage!

But death and taxes apart, few things are certain in this life. So spending a bit of time thinking about what could go wrong, how to prevent it and how to minimise the damage in case things do go “pear shaped” is probably wise.

What happens when an academy trust is judged as underperforming is its schools are ‘rebrokered’ – that is they are transferred to someone approved by the Department for Education (DfE) to support an underperforming academy, a so-called ‘sponsor’.

Last month the first academy trust in the country had to give up all its schools after financial problems and concerns from Ofsted over poor outcomes for pupils.  In February it was reported that “more than 100 schools are now rebrokered every year”. There is also a growing multi-academy trust (MAT) merger market.

There is no suggestion here that WHP is facing the prospect of rebrokering but neither is there a guarantee that it won’t at some point in the future. Nor that it will not become part of a larger multi academy trust which may want to dispose of assets in Bramcote to fund activities elsewhere.

Only by retaining any land and buildings in County Council ownership can the public be sure that these assets will continue to be available for the children of Bramcote, Beeston North and Stapleford now and into the future. What happens in 40 years time when the new buildings will need replacing?

Bramcote faces losing much of its green belt and large swathes of its open space because the LibDem/ Conservative coalition government cancelled the Labour Government’s Building Schools for the Future scheme just as Nottinghamshire schools were getting to the front of the queue.

Since then, the academy that runs the Bramcote and Alderman White schools chose to seek its independence from the County Council, becoming a Multi Academy Trust in 2012. It took on the lease of the land and buildings. It has been unable to maintain the buildings of the Bramcote School and is closing the buildings down in June.

The need for new buildings is clear. The reason for a Labour controlled County Council handing land, and essentially the money to build these buildings, over to a Trust outside the public sector is not at all clear.  The County Council could rebuild and then lease the land and buildings to the Trust.

On balance it is sensible to vote on 4 May for a councillor who will give Bramcote & Beeston North a voice in County Hall to help keep #PublicLandsInPublicHands

Paul Nathanail
The Independent Candidate for Bramcote & Beeston North.

Please consider voting for PAUL NATHANAIL on 4 May 2017 to help retain land and school buildings in public ownership.




11 Academies close their doors:

Education Fellowship trust gives up all 12 schools over poor performance

Booming academy transfer market…

Promoted by Peter Nathanail on behalf of Paul Nathanail, both of 86 Moor Lane, Bramcote, Nottingham, NG9 3FH



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