Neighbourhood matters

Good morning.
Haven’t seen you in ages.
How are you?
Lovely day.
Got to dash.

Jesus pointed to the actions of the good Samaritan as exemplifying the actions of a neighbour.

Now the clocks have ‘sprung forward’ many of us have emerged from a winter hibernation and are rediscovering the pleasure of an early evening stroll. Strolls when we bump into neighbours we haven’t seen since… well since the clocks fell back last October.

Conversations like the one above are but a start.
See you at church, in the pub at the game
We must get together for lunch, a coffee
Did you know that so and so are getting married?
Have you met the lovely couple who moved into number 23?
I’ve been meaning to ask…

But these conversations are not as random as they seem. They happen because our streets have safe pavements, our open spaces have public footpaths. These were planned and are maintained for us. They create the physical space where we can bump into each other and pass the time of day.

We live in a ‘place’ that splices people and environment. A place that is unique because the space and the people are unique.

And that is what makes where we live a neighbourhood.

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