Wanted: urban land for housing

Broxtowe Borough Council is looking for extra housing sites to augment its Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment.

Specifically it is asking land owners, or their agents, for sites that are:

vacant, derelict or underused
where business is considering re-location
large garden plots
suitable for conversions of existing buildings.

If you can help, call 0115 917 3482 or email policy@broxtowe.gov.uk

why are they doing this? to avoid having to erode the green belt of course. This is the 5th function of the green belt: to encourage reuse of urban land and to minimise urban sprawl.

it is noteworthy that the word ‘brownfield’ is not mentioned. The above types of land would meet the definition of brownfield widely used across Europe.

Well done Broxtowe! (and if any readers have any underemployed land, do contact the council).

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