Candidate log… 13 April

The polls nationally suggest that the race for Number 10 is very close indeed. This is the first time for many years (someone mentioned 1979) that the Borough and Parliamentary elections are on the same day.

This means that we can each vote for the party we would like to form the next government or even the person we would most like to represent us in Westminster.  There is no need for a protest vote or to send a message; the vote counts.

So we can vote for our Borough election in a way that will give us a council that will work for a better Broxtowe. This could – and I hope will – mean voting differently in the two elections.

Our population will grow a bit but more importantly it will get progressively older. The needs of someone in their 30s and 40s is different from those in their 60s, 80s and beyond. Perpetual sprawl iss neither SMART nor sustainable. Yet business as usual will lead to more sprawl, more car traffic and reduced viability of bus routes.

I would like us to finalise our local plan in a way that provides clarity to inward investors (which is what developers are) about the sort of Broxtowe, and specifically Bramcote, we want to hand on to the next generation.

One where social capital has grown and natural capital stewarded and neither is sacrificed purely for the sake of the arbitrary and short term economic indicators or targets that we are being bombarded with in the General Election campaign.

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