Candidate’s log… Sunday 12 April

With a friend distributing leaflets around Bramcote Moor, I focused on the A52 and the ‘Lake District’. Quite a few slopes and only one fewer lake than the ‘real’ Lake District. Another feature the two ‘Lakes’ shared was the rain – leafletting was suspended at one point and so it was a late finish.

I have to say my empathy with postmen and postwomen is increasing with every street visited. Sometimes it’s hard to even find the letterbox. Sometimes the flaps are so well-sprung I wonder how letters get posted at all. (top tip: make sure leaflets are on stiff card as it’s easier to push through).

Most folks were sheltering from the weather but the few conversations I did have were about the need to protect our green belt and make better use of derelict sites.

I was delighted to receive an email of good wishes from a fellow candidate. Perhaps we will have the chance to serve Bramcote together if we’re successful when the results are announced on 8 May.

And online, was full of pleas to Trent Barton to keep the 18 route that links Ryland with Nottingham City centre. Away from the main roads, Bramcote is quite poorly served by buses and it would be good to see a better service from here into Beeston and connecting us with the tram, when it eventually comes into service.

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