Candidate’s log… 10 April 2015

Friday 10 April – the day after the deadline for nominations!

I will be posting a daily account of my experiences as a first time candidate in a local election – partly as a reminder to me of what happened and partly as an insight for others who may be interested.

In the past week or so my election agent has been very busy! He has set up email, twitter and blog accounts – to ensure I keep my personal, work and candidate ‘lives’ apart (at least online). He has also handled the proofing and ordering of the leaflets we will be distributing over the coming days.

Friends and family have also offered to help with the delivery of some 2500 leaflets. Again my election agent has split Bramcote Ward into 11 areas for distribution purposes. The attention to detail is a joy to behold!

I will be delivering leaflets in Bramcote Village later this afternoon – do say hello!

Paul Nathanail

Independent Candidate, Bramcote Ward


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